Welcome to Athena’s Olive Branches!

Welcome to Athena’s Olive Branches! Like the goddess Athena, we try to pursue knowledge and learning. On this blog, we will try to create a place of rationality and humour in an increasingly opinionated world. We will write our opinions about feminism, social justice, politics, and much much more!

Here we will be introducing our writers:

Hey hey hey, it’s Ava! I enjoy wasting my life on the internet and laughing at cringey things on tumblr.hell. On a more normal note, I like writing, logic puzzles, science, and dogs. I was once a social justice warrior/SJW, and as a result I now enjoy laughing at the ideas and attitudes that I once possessed. I now value critical thinking and analysis on every issue. I don’t label myself according to any political ideology, because that is how I fell prey to confirmation bias last time. My goal on this blog is to express my ideas in writing, and to bring a new perspective to the issues that interest me.

Hello, my name is Cullen. I love reading, writing, singing in the shower, and computer games. I have a strong passion for history (stuffy, I know). When I was younger, I had trouble understanding why feminism existed. I saw rampant hypocrisy, and little willingness to work towards real change. However, last year I met a wonderful group of friends, who helped show me that feminism doesn’t have to be about hating men like the crazies turn it into. Rather, intersectional feminism can be a positive agent of social change for improving the lives of women, men, and all the world’s people. On this blog, I will try to talk about history from a feminist perspective, and about feminist issues in the third world.

Hey, I’m Sage! I’m a nerd who loves the X-Files, Pokémon, and my two cats. I’m proud to be a feminist, and I always will be. However, like any other mainstream movement, there are definitely people who do misguided things under its name. I believe that it is important to respect everyone, no matter who they are. On this blog, I will be posting mostly about mental illness and the sometimes backwards role SJWs play in fandoms. If you’ve read this far, I hope you have a great day!

Greetings, and well met. I am Josiah, a feminist (true meaning of the term), Wiccan, and nerd/geek (not actual definitions, but rather the pop culture slang meanings). I enjoy politics, nature, history, literature, and music. I’ll be planning mainly on writing articles on previous world politics and comparing and contrasting it with what’s currently occurring in the world today, as well as possibly a few movie or television show reviews and recommendations. Till then, when we have actually written something, blessed be.

If our mission interests you, feel free to follow us! We are looking forward to posting here, and hope you are too. Have a nice day!

– Sage, Ava, Josiah, and Cullen